What Were You Wearing

Unveiling Survivors’ Truths: What Were You Wearing?

Experience the Power of Survivors’ Stories

Join us for a compelling visual display during Sexual Assault Awareness Month as we present “What Were You Wearing?” This poignant exhibit shares real stories from survivors of sexual assault, accompanied by the clothing they wore when the incidents occurred.

Challenging Stereotypes, Empowering Survivors

The exhibit aims to challenge the harmful misconception that provocative clothing is the cause of sexual assault, countering victim-blaming narratives with the truth of survivors’ experiences.

Watch for ‘What Were You Wearing’ Exhibit


Our display, “What Were You Wearing?”, will be showcased throughout the Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington valley. 


By keeping your eyes open for our display during SAAM, you can join us in challenging harmful stereotypes and advocating for a world free from victim blaming and sexual violence.