Trauma Informed Care Decor Package for Shelter Room

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This purchase allows us to purchase items that grants don’t cover as they don’t view them as immediate needs. What we know about Trauma Informed Care is that an individual who feels comfortable and safe in their new environment, is more likely to continue their journey of seeking a life free from violence and abuse. When trauma occurs, it affects an individual’s sense of self, their sense of others and their beliefs about the world. These beliefs can directly impact an individual’s ability or motivation to connect with and utilize support services. When we are able to create a real home for our survivors, we are providing Trauma Informed Care.

Your purchase of this package allows us to purchase and provide:

  • 4-8 pieces of Wall art
  • A table lamp
  • Outside welcome mat
  • Chair cushions
  • A sitting chair
  • A clock radio
  • Throw pillows
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