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Our Extended Housing Program contains 7 small safe rooms for victims fleeing Domestic Violence and/or Sexual Assault. Each of these rooms gets “flipped” in between clients and we hope the survivor who moves out will take some of the belongings with them, if they are starting out in a new home of their own. You can help us flip this room, buy purchasing this package. We then are able to buy new necessities for the next client. Only since 2020 have we been able to put efficient effort into making this space more trauma-informed and comfortable, largely because of supporters, and/or groups who adopt the unit and make it feel like a home with the extras (lamps, rugs, wall art) that grants wouldn’t pay for. The clients who move into this room have just left their last home and are starting over in a new space that is different to them and their children. The intention of trauma-informed care is not to treat symptoms or issues related to sexual, physical or emotional abuse or any other form of trauma but rather to provide support services in a way that is accessible and appropriate to those who experienced trauma. So giving this space a little more warmth than it previously presented has allowed the survivors to feel safer, more comfortable in their space. With some fun pictures on the walls, and warm blankets, the space is revitalized into a home, which increases the chances for the victim to continue moving forward towards independence.

This Room Flip enables us to purchase:

  • 2 sets of twin sheets, waterproof/bug proof mattress protectors, and comforters
  • 2 pillows and waterproof/bug proof protectors
  • Shower curtain, hooks, and liner
  • 2 Bathroom towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 washcloths
  • Bathroom rugs, soap dish/pump, toothbrush holder, trash can, and hamper
  • Glass dish set, plastic cups, coffee mugs, silverware, placemats, tablecloth, utensils, can opener, dish towels, washcloths, and hot pads
  • Journal, throw pillow, room rugs, throw blanket, file drawer, storage baskets, centerpiece, and organizer.
  • All-purpose spray, toilet cleaner, toilet brush, window cleaner, lysol wipes/spray, dish soap, sponge, hand soap, broom, mop, sanitizer, and swiffer refills

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