Community Education

The YWCA is committed to providing education for our community. To schedule a training session, please call us or contact  Workshops can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization or group and can be customized for presentations from 15 to 90 minutes. Workshops are free, interactive, and are designed to work with small or large groups.

Workshops and Presentations

Crisis InterventionPeople in a crisis or emergency can experience a range of physical and psychological symptoms that affect their daily life and their relationships. Learn what you can do to help people in crisis and what services are available.
Domestic ViolenceLearn about domestic violence (DV) and other types of abuse, the dynamics of power and control, and why women don’t leave. Learn how to help someone who is a victim of domestic violence.
Cut-Out Domestic ViolenceBecause salon professionals might be the only contact an abused women might have where she is not accompanied by her abuser, this workshop is designed to enable them to recognize the signs of domestic abuse, what to say, and where to send them for help.
Domestic Violence in the WorkplaceAwareness of DV issues and how they affect the workplace. Find out what employers can do and the importance of safety planning.
Effects of Domestic Violence on ChildrenLearn how children are affected by the abuser, and the different parenting skills needed by a woman in an abusive relationship with a discussion on solutions.
Healthy Relationships for TeenagersMutual respect, honesty, and trust are three of the most important aspects in a relationship. How does your relationship rate? Learn the warning signs you would see in a controlling and abusive relationship and what keeps the relationship healthy. Learn what to say to a friend that is in an unhealthy relationship.
In Her Shoes IAn interactive workshop where participants take the roles of battered women as they seek assistance from a variety of resources. Each resource represents an institution or service that women encounter when they attempt to escape, such as the court system, doctors, and shelters. Each “station” may be a resource or a barrier. The “In Her Shoes” workshop demonstrates that escape from abuse is often complicated, unpredictable, and sometimes impossible. Participants will be aware of the severe challenges faced when trying to leave an abusive situation and be able to answer for themselves, “Why doesn’t she just leave?”
In Her Shoes IIThis workshop focuses on women leaving an abusive relationship who have no financial resources, and how this impacts their decision and ability to leave their abuser. The perspective of the batterer is also represented in this workshop.
Sexual Harassment in the WorkplaceDesigned for businesses and organizations whose employees work closely with clients and the public and might be victims of sexual harassment. What constitutes sexual harassment? What is the best way to handle it? What are employees’ rights and employer obligations?
Sexual AssaultSexual assault is an act of violence. It is devastating to the victim and their family. What are some of the reactions to being sexually assaulted? How can you help a victim of sexual assault?
YWCA ServicesThis workshop is a summary of all YWCA services available in the six-county area, including our emergency services, 24-hour helpline, and shelters.
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