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Our members are what make the YWCA Lewiston, ID-Clarkston, WA what it is.  By federal charter all YWCAs are membership organizations, and in order to remain chartered each YWCA must have a member base.  We need members like you, but why should you be a member of our YWCA?  Your membership with the YWCA gives you the power to change lives for the better, here are just a few examples:

“Just the fact that someone was willing to listen and understand my side was the support I needed to do what I had to do for my son and I”

– Domestic Violence Survivor, adult

“Two thumbs up for the YWCA because they are so cool.”

– Domestic Violence Survivor, child

“Thank you for sheltering me and giving me a place to stay.  You not only did that, but you made me happy.”

– Domestic Violence Survivor, child

You should be a member if you want to build a stronger LC Valley community.  Be a member if you believe everyone deserves to live a life of dignity free from poverty, oppression and violence.  Be a member if you believe everyone deserves peace, justice, and freedom. 

Be a member, join us!

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