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We work hard to secure grants and private funds to maintain the quality of our programs and services, but there are always incidental expenses or special needs that those sources just can’t cover. That’s why we so appreciate our members and donors who help us bridge the gap and provide our clients with what’s necessary to make them feel supported, safe and empowered.

Donate in Person

Whether you are donating supplies – flyer to let you know Things We Can Really Use– or paying it forward with a monetary investment we love making a connection with you. Stop by and make a donation in person at (or mail to) our offices at 300 Main Street in beautiful, downtown Lewiston. Don’t want to drive down? We can process credit or debit donations by phone, just call us at 208.743.1535 today.

Donate Online

If you’re a tech person and prefer to do your business from the convenience of your computer or mobile device we’ve got you covered! You can donate through Mighty Cause or simply give back while you’re doing your normal shopping by designating us as your charity of choice at amazon.smile.com!
Tip: Make it easier using the browser extension Smilematic which will automatically redirect you to AmazonSmile whenever you shop at Amazon. https://couponfollow.com/smilematic#82-0202255
**This extension requires the Chrome browser

Ongoing Giving

Maybe you’re a person who likes to set it and forget it, if that sounds like you we’d love to have you set up a recurring donation. There’s nothing simpler than a one-time sign up that keeps the giving rolling forward, and even a donation  of $5 a month (which these days is probably less than you spend a month on coffee!) can make a huge difference in the lives of the folks we serve.

Give in Memoriam

Many families encourage donations in lieu of flowers at their loved one’s funeral, and see it as a fitting way to honor those close to them, while supporting a cause dear to their heart. If we receive donations with a notice that they are being made in memory of someone, we not only send you our normal thank you note but also a note of sympathy to the loved one(s) who, we know, appreciate seeing the legacy of generosity.

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