Welcome to our Donation Page at the YWCA, where every contribution makes a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.


While we diligently pursue grants and private funding to sustain the quality of our programs and services, there are invariably unforeseen expenses and unique needs that fall beyond their reach.


It is through the generosity of our members and donors that we bridge these gaps, ensuring that our clients feel supported, safe, and empowered on their journey. Your support enables us to go above and beyond, providing the vital resources and assistance needed to make a tangible impact in our community.


Thank you for considering joining us in this mission of empowerment and support. Together, we can create lasting change and brighter futures for all.

Donate in Person

If you’re considering donating supplies or contributing financially to our cause, we welcome the opportunity to connect with you in person. You can make your donation by visiting us at our location, or you can choose to mail it to us at:

300 Main Street, Lewiston, ID 83501


Donations Needed

Items Needed

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Donate Online

If you’d prefer to do your business from the convenience of your computer or mobile device, we’ve got you covered!  You can donate by filling out the donation form to the right.   


Recurring Giving

 There’s nothing simpler than a one-time sign up that automatically does the work for you!  Even a donation of $5 a month can make a huge difference in the lives of the people we serve.

Give in Memoriam

Many families encourage donations in lieu of flowers at their loved one’s funeral and see it as a fitting way to honor those close to them, while supporting a cause dear to their heart.  If we receive donations with a notice that they are being made in memory of someone, we send a thank you note, and a note of sympathy to the loved one(s) who, we know appreciate seeing the legacy of generosity.


Estate Planning

If you are planning your estate, please consider leaving at least 5% to the YWCA of Lewiston-Clarkston Fund at Innovia Foundation. The fund will be used to provide support to the YWCA of Lewiston-Clarkston for charitable, educational and scientific purposes in perpetuity.

By committing to leave at least 5% of our wealth to local organizations like the YWCA of Lewiston-Clarkston, we can make sure our personal investment continues to grow after we are gone. 


Whether it is through your will or a simple beneficiary designation, planning now to support the YWCA of Lewiston-Clarkston Fund can create your charitable legacy with a transformational and lasting impact.

YWCA Lewiston, ID-Clarkston, WA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Your donations are tax deductible as allowable by law.