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YWCA Lewiston,ID-Clarkston,WA
300 Main St.
Lewiston, ID 83501

phone: 208.743.1535
fax: 208.746.1510


how we can help

we provide:

    • a safe environment to explore your options
    • referrals for individual counseling
    • stalking kits 
    • assistance with other social service organizations, law enforcement officers, and the court system
    • legal advocacy, including assistance in obtaining protection orders
    • court support
    • education about stalking 
    • information on other community resources
    • help with crime victims compensation
    • temporary shelter 
    • 24-hour hotline for crisis intervention, emotional support and information and referral
    • all of our services are free and confidential

you should know

    • stalking is a crime
    • many people are stalked
    • stalking can be very dangerous
    • stalking is harmful and intrusive
    • anyone can be stalked - not just celebrities
    • stalking can occur during a relationship, after a relationship, or in the absence of a relationship
    • technology can be used to stalk
    • an effective response to stalking includes the entire community
    • you can make a difference
    • help is available

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