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There is no shame when your loved one dies. When your car is stolen. When you’re diagnosed with cancer. Friends and loved ones gather around you for support. They don’t blame you for "bringing it on yourself."

It should be the same with sexual violence. But all too often, survivors who have the courage to tell someone what happened are blamed for bringing it on themselves. This needs to change. Be a part of the change right here at home, participate in our national movement, and you'll have made the world a better, safer place simply by believing.

Local National Global

Everything Starts Local

Join us right here in the LC Valley by speaking up and taking part in the following activities:

Teal Ribbon's all month
We're draping our communities with teal ribbons to increase awareness of sexual assault.

Day of Action 
Take action & update your social media profiles with the 'Believe Survivors' teal ribbon at

Crime Victims' Rights Week 4/9-13
We promote victim-centered, multi-agency collaboration, which strengthens support to victims and our community.

"Shred Day" will be Monday, 4/9 Large shredding truck will be on sight, so bring all you shreddables.  Help prevent identity thieft and recycle your paper.

SAAM Rock Painting Party
Come #PaintTheValleyTeal with us Tuesday, 3/27  5pm - 7pm

SAAM Rock Hiding Party
Hide SAAM rocks with us (more info coming)


But Movements Become National

Prevention is possible, and that's the theme of this April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It takes many voices and roles to prevent sexual violence. This April, we’ll focus on the ways individuals, communities, and the private sector can take action to promote safety, respect, and equality. 

Preventing such a far-reaching and prevalent social issue as sexual violence may seem overwhelming or even impossible. This mentality implies that there isn’t a solution or if there is – we can’t achieve it. But we can and we are. Reactionary measures are not enough; instead we need a comprehensive solution. There are many practical steps that are currently being taken in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, faith communities, and workplaces. But there are many more things we can do to promote safety, respect, equality, and accountability.

Let's Make the Whole World Safer

It's amazing what a group of people who, like you, care about the safety and happiness of others can do. If you want to help someone you may never meet these organizations can show you how.

In July 2010, the United Nations General Assembly created UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. Only 6 years old UN Women has already made a huge impact, and you can be a part of what they do. To learn more about their fight to end violence against women and see how you can help click here.

UN Women End Violence Against Women

MenEngage is a global alliance made up of dozens of country networks spread across many regions of the world, hundreds of non-governmental organizations, as well as UN partners. Members work collectively and individually toward advancing gender justice, human rights and social justice to achieve a world in which all can enjoy healthy, fulfilling and equitable relationships and their full potential.